Balcony Systems

  • The best solution for balconies and walkways is the StoPur EB 200 Balcony Coating System from StoCretec. This has proven itself over many years to be easy to apply and offers ultimate reliability, combined with low emissions during and after installation.

  • Balconies and walkways are surfaces that are subject to some of the harshest conditions on a building. Clearly a tough, protective layer is required to resist all these conditions yet provide a surface with the right level of grip that is also attractive to look at. StoPur EB 200 system can be installed and cured sufficiently to allow foot traffic within 24 hours allowing the installer to plan and react according to weather conditions with minimum disruption to residents.

  • StoPur EB 200 also has comprehensive crack-bridging capabilities, remaining flexible in the cold, yet stable and hard wearing in the heat. It can also be adapted to suit the level of grip required with embedded sand or StoBallotini glass beads. Offering a colour palette of over 800 shades, you can transform a balcony or walkway to a bright, cheerful place.



    1. StoPur Dl 520 Sealer
    2. StoChips/Sto Ballotini beads, etc.
    3. StoPur EB 200 Polyurethane Coating
    4. StoPox GH 300 Epoxy Primer
    5. Concrete Substrate