Carbon-Fibre Strengthening

  • Carbon fibre offers an unbeatable strength to weight ratio and is ideal for strengthening most structural elements in construction.

    Its low self-weight means little additional load is added to the structure, whilst carrying capacity can be significantly increased with very low profile sections.


    Carbon fibre comes in two main forms:


    • Carbon Fibre Plate for strengthening load carrying members such as beams and decks


    • Carbon Fibre Sheet or wrap for strengthening columns


    Carbon Fibre Plate is bonded to the prepared concrete surface using a high strength epoxy adhesive. The plate can either be surface mounted or recessed to further reduce any impact on clearances or to hide the additional reinforcement. In addition to strengthening beams and decks, carbon fibre plate also provides a useful strengthening solution when adding lift shafts or stairways through an existing floor slab.


    Carbon Fibre sheet is soaked in an epoxy adhesive before being wrapped around the column. Several layers may be required to reach the required strength.