Crack Injection

  • StoCretec offer several solutions for crack injection whether the aim is to structurally bond the crack or seal against moisture or water ingress. Our solutions are suited for surface bonded or drilled/hammer-in ports and comply fully with EN 1504-5. We also supply these injection materials along with other accessories such as bonding and cleaning materials.

    For structurally bonding cracks that are in a dry condition, StoJet IHS is a rapid-setting epoxy with low viscosity that seeks out every space and crevice and then creates a high strength bond. Sealing operations can be carried out in damp or water bearing cracks using StoJet PIH 200 polyeurethane resin, whilst water bearing cracks can be pre-injected with StoJet PU VH 200 foam to halt the water flow and then sealed for the long term with PIH 200.