Floor Repair and Screeds

  • Fast, simple and convenient, StoCrete RM F is a great solution for small floor repairs or adjustments with no bonding bridge required and a fast initial cure.


    StoConcrete Screed Classic offers two general purpose repair materials with thickness ranges of 12-40mm (TG 104) or 20-80mm (TG 108). A secure bond to the substrate is assured by the use of StoCrete TH200 bonding bridge. Screed Classic is suitable for vehicle traffic and rated Class R4 to EN 1504-3.

  • StoConcrete Screed Prime is especially frost resistant and also has very high resistance to the penetration of chlorides. A permanent bond to the substrate and long life of the system is guaranteed by the use of StoCrete TH110 bonding bridge which can also be used as corrosion protection to reinforcement. The TG 114 or TG 118 materials have a very low water requirement, being mixed only with StoCryl EM110 Polymer Dispersion which ensures high resistance to cracking, improved adhesive strength and high flexural strength. Additionally the system is tested for compatibility with cathodic protection systems.

  • StoConcrete Screed Light is a lightweight screed system suited to areas where a lightweight screed is desirable such as balconies. Despite weighing just 1.4kg/m2, StoCrete LE has a fire class of A1 to EN13501-1, is flexible, with a low e-modulus and can be applied from 20-80mm thick.


    StoConcrete Screed Resist provides an excellent solution for floor areas in chemically aggressive environments such as high sulphate conditions. Both the StoCrete TG 154 material and TH250 bonding bridge are tested and are suitable for XA3-type environments defined in EN 206.