When speed is key, StoCretec saves time!

  • Faster application and curing, providing optimum efficiency and quality.

    One product covers multiple application stages. No bonding bridge is required and with StoCrete SM P there is no waiting for corrosion protection to be applied and to cure. Coatings or fairing coats can be applied just 4 hours after the repair has been made.

    One product only – no need for ordering and stocking of corrosion protection, bonding bridge or additional fairing coat. One single application step simplifies the repair process and means each repair location is completed in a single visit.

    Both products are rated Class R2 to EN1504-3 and available in 25kg sacks or handy 10kg pails that can be sealed and reused again and again.

    StoCrete SM & SM P – Quick Repair Mortar

    Areas of application:

    • Concrete building elements – vertical or overhead application
    • Balcony parapets, undersides of cantilever slabs, facade elements
    • Reprofiling of spalling at corners, edges, and on the surface

    Speedy, simple, professional

    • Simple application that saves time, 3 in 1 product – bonding bridge, repair mortar and fairing coat in one application
    • StoCrete SM P also includes corrosion protection, cutting out that application step as well
    • Fast curing – ready to overcoat in 4 hours (typical)
    • Easy to work with – first class application properties for a smooth, professional finish; excellent non-sag properties for easier high build on exposed corners and overhead
    • Low wastage – also available in a 10kg resealable pail

    StoCrete RM F – quick repair mortar for floor areas

    StoCryl BF 100, BF 200 – coloured protective coating for floor areas

    StoCryl V100, V200, V700, EF and RB – protective coatings